Are You An Authority?

There’s a lot of talk these days about being an
Authority” or being an “Expert.” It makes it
sound like we really can’t help people or that
people won’t listen to us if we don’t have
certain credentials.

Not So!.

The word authority is derived from the Latin word
‘auctoritas’, meaning invention, advice, opinion,
influence… from Wikipedia.

Being a so-called  “expert” is in no way required
in today’s world. You just need to understand and
think a little different.

We are authorities because we have what the
world needs – a unique voice. Our knowledge
and experience makes us an authority.

A lot of folks are holding back from getting out
there and using their potential to help others.

We feel we don’t know enough to have the right
to give to others. It’s not easy to adjust our
thinking – I know… I’m always in a adjustment

Give it go – you just might enjoy the changes
and have some fun.

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