7 Tips For Increasing Content Consumption…

Given the many crackdowns by Google lately, the general consensus is, high quality content is more important that ever. I whole-heartedly agree with the quality part. However, this bit of advise seems to have a little “build it right and they will come” ring to it, and we all know things simply don’t work like that. In order for quality content to become spectacular, people need to consume it first.

The following are 7 things you can do to help people consume more of your content.

1) Create different formats

Because we all learn and absorb material differently, our choice of media is also different. Not everyone is a reader. So, translate your content into audio, video, written text, slides, info graphics, quotes made into images. Those are a few to begin with.

The nice thing about doing that, you now have the material for distributing your content on more spaces like SlideShare, YouTube, iTunes, Pinterest, other people’s blogs and more.

2) Make it easier to consume on the device of their choice

Sometimes, it isn’t enough to produce multiple formats of your content. It has to be easy to get going. Audios and videos should play with a click. PDFs shouldn’t be zipped. This slows people down because they can’t simply click and read. It’s frustrating, especially if it is a short report. Here’s a better idea. Give me a way to load the document directly into my Kindle app. There’s actually a WordPress plugin that can do that. It’s called the Kindle Loader. You should check it out.

3) Highlight the good bits

Every piece of content has some key points in it. Pull them out, email it to newsletter subscribers and give them the link to the rest of the meat. This is a very effective strategy not only for freely available content but for paid information and it works. Repeat this on social media too because you never who has or hasn’t read your content. You can even do this for past content.

4) Encourage discussion

Similar to the technique above, when you ask questions about something in your content, people have no choice but to read it to answer. Make sure you ask in a way that leads them to it though like, “What do you think about the first tip? Do you practice it?” Now, if you haven’t been paying attention, you’ll want to re-read the first point so you can answer intelligently. Don’t just ask in the blog post. Periodically, throw a question out to your newsletter subscribers and social networks with a quick “Hey, can I get your thoughts on such and such in this post?”

5) Keep it short and on point

People are busy. Use just enough words to get your point across.

6) Promote It

This shouldn’t even be here but it is, because we have a tendency to underestimate simple things. Email it, share it, not only when you first publish it, but again and again using different words, angles, across different networks and over time.

7) Link to past content

Last but not least, it’s not always about new content. Draw people deeper into your old content and related areas by linking within the article or highlight quality posts.

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Entrepreneur Tip: Trusting Your Decision Making Skills…

by Abe Cherian

By the time you’ve read this, you will have made a considerable amount of choices since you woke up this morning…

Have you ever actually thought about how many choices you’re required to make each day?

  1. -Getting out of bed…
  2. -Hitting snooze (just ONE more time, promise)…
  3. -What to wear for the day…
  4. -Going for a morning run vs getting right down to business…

…all decisions you can probably relate to, plus all the ones we’ve surely missed. And those are before you’ve even made it out of the door!

And while your own personal list may seem large on paper, most of these things happen so fast, so automatically, that it really doesn’t take long at all to run through them…

But consider this:

If we are able to make all those decisions quickly, why then does it take so long to take action when it comes to life-changing business or personal decisions?

The truth is, most people let fear and doubt get in their way…

I’ve had many action-worthy ideas that were never brought to fruition, all because I didn’t completely trust in the idea. I doubted my ability to execute them successfully.

In my opinion, those—fear and uncertainty—are the two biggest enemies when it comes to taking the next step in any type of business (or life in general).

You may not be able to control the economic uncertainty, but you can have control over your own situation by having faith in your ability to make decisions.

There are two important factors to making decisions that may work for you:

The first, is data driven.

This is the “commonsense” approach, for most people. The problem with this approach, is that getting tied up with every single detail and fact, can often lead to ‘analysis paralysis’ – thinking about something so much that you never take action.

The second, is instincts – your “gut feeling”.

Throughout your life, you’ve already made a ton of other decisions.

Some of them ended well, while others likely didn’t work out. The result of this, is an entire catalog of experiences that your subconscious is able to draw from. This is what allows you to make educated guesses when time is just not an option.

Some of our best decisions are made this way…

I think there should be a BALANCE between data-driven and instinctive decision making. But the most important thing is to trust your ability to make those decisions and act on them with conviction!

If you have data that gets your excited and gives you a gut feeling that you’d be successful, believe in it and go with it full force…

Here are a few additional resources you might enjoy:

Excellent Books:

Gut Feelings, by Gerd Gigerenzer

How We Decide, by Jonah Lehrer


About the Author: Abe Cherian is an Internet Entrepreneur since 1999. As the founder of AdClickMedia.com, a pay-per-click advertising network, and the CEO of Multiple Stream Media, an online Advertising and Marketing firm, Abe and his team has helped tens of thousands of online advertisers reach ‘the right market’ at ‘the right time’, with the ‘right message’. To start advertising and driving traffic click here to open your free account: http://www.rent-a-list.com


Advertising Isn’t…

Advertising Isn’t
By Bob Marconi

Advertising, the lifeblood of our economy – or so the ad agencies would like you to believe. But is it really? My take on the subject: Advertising doesn’t really sell you anything, it just entertains you!

Let’s take a little step back in time. To something called ‘drive-ins’ – here I go dating myself again!

For the uninitiated, drive-ins were places you went to view movies in an outdoor setting, on a giant screen. A place to meet, greet and brag on a warm summer evening. Some were single screen, some multiple screen and you generally had a double feature.
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The Sad State Of Email Marketing

Email marketing on the Internet is one of the most extensive, and profitable, ways to market a product or service. It’s why you receive so many offers. It’s fast and it’s not as expensive as other forms as advertising. Even free in many cases.

Email has been used by virtually all businesses on the Internet. Today, even a local business can use email effectively to improve their bottom line or gain recognition. But changes are taking place that are some what troubling. Changes that even those who have been most trusted in Internet Marketing seem to be embracing.

The sad state of today’s email marketing doesn’t disagree with any of the above but it does mean that trust is fast being lost. And ‘Trust’ is your most important asset.
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Mother’s Day And NASA

Mother’s Day is not just an annual American holiday but is celebrated in many countries around the world, It recognizes maternal bonds of motherhood and the role those bonds play in online kamagra our life.

Mothers do so much for us, much of which goes unrecognized and/or unrewarded.

This is the one day of the year we can make up for the many times we should have said ‘Thank You’ for the many things mom does for us.

The best Mother’s day gifts are those which express your love and gratitude and the most valuable one that could probably be given this year would be your time.

Take mom out and treat her to breakfast, lunch, or better yet dinner at a great restaurant. Pamper her for the day.

Just talk with her and reminisce about some happy moment(s) in your lives that will bring a smile to her face. My mom had the greatest smile and I always tried to make her show it. Unfortunately, today she is no longer with us.

NASA has buy cheap rimonabant a special show set up for moms (well, they are just facilitating it, more or less). You don’t even have to drag mom outside to see the astronomical show.  A glance out any east-facing window with an unobstructed view of the sky should do, according to NASA.

Check it out here:


I hope the moms out there enjoy Your Special Day, and know that we do love you and appreciate all you do for us, even though we may not often show it.

republished with permission – The Jedi’s Grandpa