A Quick Review Of – Like Page Builder

Dave & John have come up with a number of different products in the past but this is one of the best yet – it’s called ‘Like Page Builder’.

Like Page Builder is a wonderfully simple tool that allows you to create Facebook fan/like pages in a matter of minutes. I have this product and here are some thoughts on it.

First and foremost a fan/like page is pretty much like your own little mini website displayed on Facebook where you can promote yourself and your products to anyone who ‘likes’ your page.

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Go Animate

Some days you run into some ‘pretty neat’ stuff – this is one of those days!

I just found ampicillin acne this little product to make your own cartoon stories. It’s Free.

It’s simple and easy to use so p;lease, do check it out as soon as you get kamagra online a

minute (no order diet pill online it’s not going away – it’s just cool)!


Build a cartoon for your product(s).

The Jedi’s Grandpa

The Author In You

Are you finding it hard to write articles? A single article? A single paragraph? Well, me to.

Finding ‘inspiration’ sometimes is elusive. But did you know that you are already an author/writer?

What is the definition of an author: ‘Author – a: one that originates or creates…’.; ‘Author, one who is the source…’

Have you ever written letter to the editor? A complaint or complement to a company? Have you ever written a letter to a loved one? Do you write in a diary? Have you written a poem?
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The Magic Of Christmas…

Christmas IS a time of magic.

The magic is in all the smiles you see – especially from a child, the feeling you get when walking the malls, spending time with family and friends, all the goodies mom and the aunts bake up, thinking of Christmases past (mine were always white being from Pennsylvania), that last minute shopping rush…

I hope Wish You All The Magic This Season Has To Offer and remember – the best gift you can give is to ‘Give online cheap kamagra pharmacy diet pill Of Yourself’!

Give me a model train and I’m happy. I was born in 1943 and received my first train from my godfather at about age 3 or 4. And yes I still have it!

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The 2010 Election

VOTE! It’s your responsibility ampicillin gene to your child’s future and yours as well.

Mid term elections are elections that historically have low turnouts. I guess we feel they are not sexy enough. But every one needs to realize that every election has consequences, whether they be positive or negative.

Of course there are elections I get less than enthusiastic about. Mostly they tend to be local. But I will be damned if I let someone kamagra cheap else get my vote by proxy by not voting!

Politicians should always be ‘on probation’ and continually have their feet held to the fire. Many only care about enriching themselves not the country.

Having a politician tell me that we need to pass a bill in order to find out online pharmacy diet pills what is in it doesn’t cut it – It’s Wrong!

We tend to get caught up in conducting our own lives and  forget we have a responsibility to keep OUR country on course. Your political view point is not what concerns me – I do care that you exercise your right to vote.

Citizenship is not a part time job!