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Why Do You Need An SEO Specialist In 2018?

A few years back, owning and managing a website successfully was not an easy task. Back then, website development, design and optimization was considered highly technical work that could only be done by “geeks” or “nerds”. Fast forward to 2017 and a lot has changed in respect to this. Today, anyone with a laptop or mobile device can set up their own website and successfully optimize it for search engines. Various advancements in technology combined with unlimited information on the internet has made all this possible.

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With that said, a certain question may suddenly pop up in your mind? Are the top SEO specialists still relevant in 2018? Do you really need to hire a search engine optimization specialist at a time like this when search engines are constantly changing their algorithms without notice? Well, before we answer this question, it is good to remind yourself of what SEO is all about. SEO is basically the process promoting your website on organic search results.

Part of the reason why many people do not see the need to work with an SEO expert or SEO consultant is because search engine optimization has become too unpredictable. Search engines like Google have made it very difficult and challenging for websites to improve their rankings on search results. This has led to a good number of website owners throwing the towel and abandoning search engine optimization in favor of other online marketing techniques.

However, what most of these people forget is that everyone is still using search engines to browse the web. Search engines are not about to disappear anytime soon and the number of people using them is growing by the day. This is no surprise as search engines are the best way to find anything on the internet. What this means is that you cannot afford to exclude SEO from your digital marketing campaign. It is still mandatory for your website to get listed on search engines results if it is achieve any form of success.

And this is where a qualified and experienced Vancouver SEO consultants comes into the picture. If you are tired of keeping up with the ever changing search engine algorithms and updates, it is high time you consider hiring a search engine optimization expert. A digital marketing expert can do all the difficult and time-consuming work that you are either afraid, too busy or too lazy to do. They can do the walking for you to ensure that your website remains relevant and popular on search engine results pages.

Google alone receives over 40,000 search requests per second. In a day, they process billions of search requests. People are therefore using top search engines to find what they are looking for on the internet. If you run an eCommerce website, it is extremely crucial for you to work with an experienced SEO specialist if you want to raise your website’s conversion rate.

All in all, the best way to be found on the internet is through search engines so why not invest in SEO?